Pictures and Slides

Pictures and Slides

convert photos to digitalThey’re in the drawer, in a box, file cabinet – EVERYWHERE!

Isn’t it time you got them sorted and available to see and share without looking everywhere for them?  We convert photos to digital formats.  Select some of your family’s favorites and we’ll digitize them so they’re available instantly.

  • on your computer
  • on your tablet
  • on your phone
  • in a digital picture frame

They won’t fade any further, either.

We take your pictures, videos, and audio recordings, and we preserve them in the digital format of your choice: CD, DVD, HD, or flash drive  We use archival quality DVDs (rated to last 100 years) to store your memories so they will still be there many years from now.  We provide custom, printed labels on DVDs as well as jewel cases to protect them from damage.

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