Audio Conversion

Audio Transfer

digital audio conversionConvert to Digital

We clean and check your records or tape (see formats below), and then we capture and convert the sound from analog to a digital format.

Improved Sound Quality

For an additional hourly charge, we do what we can to remove hiss, clicks, pops and improve frequency balance.

Digital Copy of Your Audio

The resulting recording can be saved on a CD, DVD, HD, or flash drive. It also can be saved as WAV, MP3 or other digital encoding for use on your computer or personal music player.

digital audio conversion

Audio Formats

Not sure what format you have? Just ask us, and we can help!  We can covert the following old audio formats.


  • LPs (33 1/3 “slow play” records)
  • Singles (45s)
  • Vintage (78 RPM records)


  • reel-to-reel
  • cassette
  • 8-track

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